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11/23/12            Celebrating Author
Michelle Cornewell-Jordan


Review of Kindred

Kindred A Night School Vampire Hunter Novella #2 is a true work of art. Michelle Cornwell-Jordan has done it once again. The series is so uniquely written in the format of a blog by the main character Dasheen Bellamy. This allows the reader to get right to the main points. There are no drawn out explanations of backgrounds or situations. Kindred is riveting and breathtaking. The story kept up an exciting pace from beginning to end. It left you wanting more. There are so many revelations that are so unexpected about Dasheen and Rafael. There are aspects of Dasheem’s life that are revealed that take the reader by total surprise. The ending of this novella will leave the reader in awe. Kindred was such a pleasure to read. I am anxiously awaiting the next in the series by this truly talented author.

11/17/12             Celebrating  Author
Michelle-Cornwell Jordan

Cover Reveal for 


(A Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy) Novella#2

By Michelle Cornwell-Jordan



The Kindred is the second novella in The Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy.

Angel and her friends at Ame Academy, a boarding school for preternatural and humans are back, and they are preparing for battle against the dark forces that kidnapped Angel’s younger brother Jordan. Angel had recently discovered that she was a Hunter and that she alone has a special weapon against her enemies; her blood, which is discovered to be toxic to her enemies. Angel is prepared to use her training and all that is at her disposal in order to save Jordan, even if that means joining forces with the strange and mysterious Rafael, who at their first meeting, she recognized him as the boy she had  dreamed about for weeks prior to his arrival at the school. Angel cannot shake the feeling that she knew Rafael before, and is hopelessly drawn to her extremely handsome fellow hunter. 

Rafael frightens her, he hints of a secret; another time and another life lived.

Can love survive two lifetimes? 

Events unfold that provides the answers to who Rafael really is and what they mean to one another; and along with these strange and blossoming emotions for Rafael, along with guilt and fear for her brothers safety; Angel discovers that she is more than just a Vampire Hunter, and that she plays a major role in a ancient prophecy, which she must fulfill by facing an a force so evil that survival is not promised.

But she will face the Dark One, Angel will sacrifice all, if it means saving all whom she loves.

Many questions are answered, but the drama is just beginning….

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Meet Michelle Cornwell-Jordan

About the Author

Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is a YA Paranormal Author. 

Her titles: Reahket (Co-written with Author Danny Jones)

Michelle is also the author of the YA novella series Night School Vampire Hunter trilogy. 

Series includes:

Night School Vampire Hunter novella #1    Released date March 2012

Kindred (A Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy novella) #2    Released date November 2012

Redemption (A Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy novella) #3 Released date spring 2013

Works –In-Progress

Chrysalis (Full Length) Released date spring 2013

Hunters Series novellas Released date summer 2013

Ame Academy’s Paranormal novella series summer 2013

Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is also the producer of the online radio segment IndieReview Behind The Scenes, where she and her co-host Jamie B Musings interviews Indie Authors and Musicians.

Contact Info



Contact regarding questions about the on-line radio segment IndieReview Behind The Scenes


Contact regarding the Hunters Series Fan Club


Twitter handle


Author FaceBook page!/michelle.cornwelljordan

Now &Forever Tour! (December 2012)

Pre-Release Giveaway! Hunters Scavenger Hunt!

In celebration of the soon to be released Kindred! Author Michelle Cornwell-Jordan is offering 2 $10.00 Virtual Amazon Gift cards to the first two responders in the Hunters Scavenger Hunt! The Scavenger Hunt will run through Nov. 23rd and the FIRST TWO responders that can locate the answers to the 10 questions will win a $10.00 Virtual Amazon Gift Card! To enter leave your best comment below, along with email address and email the answers to… 

Email answers:  The first two Hunters with correct answers wins!

Questions(Answers can be located from Novella one Night School Vampire Hunter, and from the Hunter Series Fan Club group page on Goodreads and Face book!), Face book 

Pre-Celebration giveaway Hunters Scavenger!

1) What is Angel's relationship with Jordan?
2) When did Angel first "see" Rafael?
3)Who is Angel?
4)What is Bella Donna?
5) Who is Elin?
6) What is Angel's fight style
7)What is the name of their school?
8)What is Angel and Rafael's theme song?
9)Who wrote Angel and Rafael’s theme song?
10)Who is the author The Kindred (A Night School Vampire Hunter trilogy novella) 

Responses due by Friday Nov. 23rd


Also the winners names will automatically be entered into the (Everyone has to chance to enter, Details coming soon at IndieWritersReview, on entering during December tour!)

December 2012 tour!

Angel&Rafael’s Now&Forever tour’s Mega Giveaway Prizes include:

 A $25.00 Amazon Virtual Gift card,

5copies per stop avail of Kindred


Tour wide there will be 6 lucky winners who will win an autographed copy of Rock Artist Cecile Monique’s EP Immortal Beloved! (Angel and Rafael’s song!)

About Artist

Cecile Monique

With her powerful, yet angelic voice and unmistakable charisma, Cecile Monique is a multi-talented musical artist ready to make her mark on the international music scene. Cecile Monique is not only an accomplished vocalist; she is also a skilled writer, composer, and arranger of her own original music. Her years of formal classical vocal training provided the foundation, but her singular creativity... 

diverse musical influences, and her fresh, youthful style have provided the fuel to create the distinctive fusion of rich, classically-influenced vocals with modern, innovative instrumentation that exist together in perfect harmony and have become Cecile Monique’s signature, genre-bending sound. 

In addition to her impressive musical talent, Cecile’s cosmopolitan personality and multicultural roots (half European and half Hispanic) also broaden her appeal to an international audience; Cecile is fluent in several languages and has recorded and performed songs in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Czech, and Latin.

In 2010, Cecile Monique was awarded the prestigious FACTOR New Talent Award in support of her self-titled EP release featuring three of her original compositions, which was recorded at Metalworks Studios, Canada’s #1 recording studio. With the launch of her new EP now available on iTunes worldwide, and a myriad of new projects on the horizon, Cecile Monique is a rising star poised to become an international phenomenon!

Contact Cecile Monique

Cecile Monique Speaks about Kindred (A Night School Vampire Hunter Trilogy Novella)

Listen To Immortal Beloved!

You Tube Video

YouTube Video

Celebrating Independent Author M.D. Martin

Order  from the link below. Available on Kindle at

Mad Herriot was a wonderful but dark story of a woman done wrong.  It was very unique. I loved the character Mad Herriot. This woman scorned taught a few people a major lessen. Hell hath no furry like Mad Herriott scorned. The story was very vivid and creative. I look forward future work from M.D. Martin.

M.D. Martin was born and raised in Abingdon, VA. She first began writing the Legends of William's Point series in 1995 while attending Virginia Highlands Community College. She has been published in the Bristol Herald Courier Newspaper, The Sage Literary Magazine, and Treasured poems of America. One of her Christmas stories has also appeared on the WABN radio station. When she isn't writing she is an avid reader and loves the Pendergast novels by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, Edgar Allen Poe, and Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series. She also enjoys photography, camping, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

Also check out M>D. Martin's other William's Point short stories on Amazon